This innovative project is created as part of the National Culture Center program "Culture in the Web" and is implemented under the patronage of the PROM cultural center in Saska Kępa.


This concert will combine songs performed by classical music soloists - flutist / singer / cellist and harpist, and improvised by a quartet of outstanding jazz musicians composed of trumpet / piano / double bass / percussion.


In sophisticated chamber classical music, the boundaries between classical and jazz are often combined with improvised and avant-garde concepts, despite the fact that Jazz and classical music were usually treated as separate worlds. This separateness, often exaggerated, is not as significant as it may seem.


Classical composers precisely define each element of a song graphically, leaving the performers a relatively narrow margin of interpretation. In the case of jazz music, the opposite is true: notation goes to the background. It can be sketchy and only a starting point for creating a song in a live setting. This is the main reason why the achievements of the classical composer are measured by the number of opuses, while jazz by the number of recorded discs.

Jazzmen often reach for classical music and interpret it in their own way. The result of these treatments are not to be an etude or technical practice, but an experiment, an attempt to create a real musical kaleidoscope.

We will hear songs in various instrumental contexts - never performed or improvised by jazz ensembles. An interesting link between these two aesthetic types of art is the choice of classical music compositions that broaden the inspirational realms of these two musical worlds.


Iwona Handzlik - Soprano

Tomasz Strahl - Cello

Łukasz Długosz - Flute

Małgorzata Zalewska - Harp

Gary Guthman – Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Filip Wojciechowski - Piano         

Paweł Pańta -  Bass Guitar/Double Bass

Cezary Konrad - Drums        



Maurice Ravel - Vocalise-étude en forme de Habanera,

Reynaldo Hahn - L'énamourée, Si mes vers,

Gabriel Faure - Après un rêve, Pavane, Sicielienne,

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Auf Flügeln des   Gesanges,

Gary Guthman – Dalliance,

Bernard Andres - Chanson de Misericorde

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